Professional employment:
Director-General, Swedish Institute 2005-
Consul General of Sweden in New York 1999-2004
Editor in chief for the newspaper Expressen 1994-95
Under-secretary of state for finance and budget 1991-93
President for the Swedish Newspaper Bureau 1983-91
President for the Swedish Council for Wider Ownership of Shares 1976-82
Research Fellow at the Swedish Business and Society Research Centre 1973-76
Journalist, Editorial Section of Expressen 1969-1972
Junior Instructor, Political Science at the University of Stockholm 1967-1968
Editor of the political magazine ”Liberal ungdom” (Liberal Youth) 1964-1965

Member of Parliament 1976-82.
Member of the Standing Committee of Finance 1978-1982
Member of the Standing Committee of Business 1976-1978
Vice President of the National Association of Liberal Youth in Sweden.
Member of the Board of the Liberal Party 1972-93;1997-99.

Public assignments: 
Member of the Globalisation Council of the Swedish Governemant 2006-
Board Member Swedish Institute in Alexandria 2005 –
Board Member Visit Sweden 2005 –
Chairman of the board of the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation 1996-99.
Deputy governor of the ERDB (European Reconstruction and Development Bank) 1991-93.
Member G10 (Group of ten, IMF) deputies 1991-93.
Member WP3 (Working Party 3, OECD) 1991-93.
Member of the Board of Government Office, Office for Administrative Affairs 1991-1993
Member of the Government Board of Infrastructure Investments 1991-93
Swedish Delegate at G10 meeting of ministers of finance 1992.
Swedish Delegate at the World Bank Meeting in Washington 1992.
Appointments to Government Committees:
Ownership of Media 1997-1999
Radio and Television 1995-1996
Financial Markets 1987-1989
Voting Rights Principles for Shares 1984-1986
Economic Sanctions against Former Republic of South Africa 1982-1984
Consumer policy 1975-1980

Private assignments: 
Chairman of The Isaak Hirsch Foundation 2006-
Board member in several small companies.
President of the Board of the Stockholm City Theater 1998-1999
Member of the board of the Stockholm Theatre 1988-92.
Member of the Board of the Swedish-Taiwan Friendship League 1998-1999
President of the board of the liberal think tank Bertil Ohlin Institute 1996-99
Vice-President of the Solidarity Fund for Assyrian Refugees 1977-1999
Member of the Board of the Isaak Hirsch Foundation (support to elderly) 1985-1999
President of the Board of Nordic Investment Bank 1992-1993
Member of the board at the Stockholm Stock Exchange 1979-83; 1988-92
President of the board of Gota Bank Investment Funds 1985-92.
President of the board of Nordic Investment Bank 1992-93.
Member of the Board of The Swedish Association for Art 1988-1992
Vice-President of the Board of the Foundation for Media Research 1984-1985
President of the Swedish Friends of Hebrew University 1979-1983
Member of the Board of the Swedish-Israel Friendship League 1970-1977

Books (In Swedish): 
A taste of Sweden (with Inger Claesson Wästberg, 2004)
Sweden in New York (with Inger Claesson Wästberg, 2003)
The empty room. (1996, on Swedish politics).
Trends of the 90ies. (1989, on the future of media).
Business ethics of state ethics. (1986)
The social responsabilities of business. (1977)
Net profit, gross profit and GOP. (1975, economics for students.)
Israel’s foreign aid. (1973, on Israel aid for African development.)
Angola 1970
Admittance prohibited. (1966, on immigration policy.)

Contributed to: 
Farewell to neutrality. (1998, on Swedish security policy.)
EMU and Sweden’s choice. (1997, on the European currency.)
The challenge of democracy. (1996, on democracy and civil society.)
The new lack of freedom. (1996, on dictatorship.)
Reduce the national debt! (1990, on selling publicly owned companies.)
From the ethics of princes to the ethics of business. (1989)
Let more people shape the future. (1980, on the future of liberalism.)
Should Sweden train terrorists? (1980, on Swedish-Libyan connections.)
Fight bureaucracy! (1974)
Sex discrimination then and now. (1972, on sex discrimination in literature.)

Numerous articles and speeches in Swedish are published on this site.

Awards & listings: 
The Gold medal of the Swedish Marketing Group.
The Bertil Ohlin Gold Medal.
Listed in Who’s Who in the World.